So what about ‘data’?

– the BIAN Service Domain’s control record defines the business information used to govern each occurrence of the Service Domain executing its role from start to end. The control record can be used to define the business information governed by the Service Domain. The Service Domain’s delegated service operations also reveal dependencies on business information governed elsewhere. As the Service Domains define discrete non-overlapping business capabilities, it follows that the business information they govern is similarly discrete and non-overlapping. Tracing the relationship from the high level governed business information to the underlying data structures that capture this information in a machine representable form is not a trivial exercise. Two Service Domains may each govern business information that can be sensibly represented using similar or common data structures, but it is important to recognize that the data itself (its value) is not necessarily the same or shared. This fairly complex topic is discussed in more detail in the Practitioner´s Guide