When is the right time to adopt BIAN?

A key property of a business model developed using the BIAN Service Domains is that it is highly enduring because the Service Domains represent the role/purpose or ‘what’ a capability does and not ‘how’ that capability is implemented in any specific situation or point in time. A Service Domain based model of a bank that does not change its market segmentation or organizational structure will also not change as new approaches and techniques evolve. Furthermore because the BIAN Service Domains define discrete non overlapping aspects of an enterprise it is possible to align different parts of the bank to the model independently. Finally solutions can be designed that support the staged or incremental implementation and adoption of Service Domain aligned solutions and their offered services.

As a result the BIAN blueprint can be defined for an enterprise at any time and incremental alignment towards a more service based application portfolio undertaken regardless of the starting point with respect to the legacy application portfolio’s technical architecture.