How does an enterprise best adopt BIAN?

There are many ways the BIAN model can be adopted and many different analyses and implementation approaches that it can help support. The Practitioner´s Guide should be referenced for a broader discussion as to different ways the model can be applied. Some of the key properties of the standard and different situations in which it can be leveraged are in summary:

  • An enterprise model built using Service Domains is highly enduring, defining discrete non-overlapping aspects that can be addressed independently and with good design the underlying systems solutions can be adopted/applied incrementally
  • The BIAN model can be targeted at specifying a narrow area of activity in order to evaluate or develop a particular business application and can also be used to develop a far broader ‘bank on a page’ view suited to a wide range of business and systems planning and analysis activities
  • The BIAN model can be interpreted in any major technical environment (providing different insights) including traditional transaction processing ‘core banking’ architectures, more flexible ‘n-tiered’ architectures and the more advanced distributed environments such as the cloud