Who can help me apply BIAN to my enterprise?

BIAN seeks to provide comprehensive explanations of the standard and associated techniques through the published How To Guides. BIAN is also constantly refining the training available to its membership. BIAN is currently reviewing options to develop and offer more comprehensive training capabilities both for members of BIAN and beyond. At this time the best access to BIAN insights is through membership and active participation in the BIAN community and associated access to the core team of specialists. As training options become available, whether they are originated by BIAN, BIAN members or third parties BIAN will undertake to assess and document these capabilities to assist with their adoption where appropriate.

For services, trainings and products offered by BIAN please go to BIAN Services (https://bian-services.com) or have a look at this webianr: “What you need to make a success out of your BIAN journey". The recording, the presentation and the Q&A paper are posted on the BIAN homepage: https://bian.org/participate/bian-webinars/need-make-success-bian-journey/